Ok. So I got through all three baskets. I went to the closet and a basket had appeared. I swear it wasn’t there before. Joey just woke up, so that one is going to have to wait, but I do feel much better now that the others are done!


I got a lot done yesterday. I reorganized my fabric. I started to attack all the projects I’m keeping from the kids. I don’t keep everything and eventually I scan or take pictures of the big things and use those photos as momentos in the scrapbook.
I made it to the gym today. Now, I have these three baskets of laundry to attack. I’m lying in bed and they are staring at me. I can usually get motivated if I have something on tv. Usually, I watch the Food Network, but they have just been pulled from cablevision! I’m sad. I really love these shows!
so, since I only have 12% left on my phone, and before Joey wakes up and before the cleaners come tomorrow, I suppose I should get one or two done…..

Today is the  29th. That means I have two days to get my plan together. I have a lot planned for this year. By the end of the year 2010, I am going to be so much more organized than this year. No more of this losing 10 pounds baloney. That is for the birds. I wan to revamp my ways. I’ve had since September to get this house in tip top shape and it has not happened. I will say, that I have made much progress. I’ve had the Vets come TWICE and pick up stuff. I had 7 13 gallon sized bags filled to the brim with clothing. I donated some to the local resale shop. I brought a bunch to the consignment store (and made a nice 50 bucks). I also sold clothes at the local tag sale! I cleaned out the attic and the basement.

But, there is STILL SO MUCH STUFF!!!  I don’t know why we keep a lot of it. Everything I gave away or sold, I do not miss. Not at all. I don’t miss the clothes, the toys, the books, the rugs, shoes, plates….none of it. So, why did I hold on? I don’t know.

But it felt so good. Empty spots in the attic and basement are going to stay empty.

I will continue to purge and organize.

Also, in 2010 I will become better organized. Packing lunches and bags, getting things ready for the morning – no more rushing around. It is such a simple thing, but, I spend too much time puttering (and surfing) and what only takes 5 minutes turns into a mad dash in the morning.

I will cook more. At least 4 solid meals with a few left-overs from those during the week. It has to be done. My freezer is like a black hole. I will plan a menu for the entire month. I will follow it. I will try very hard not to deviate (but, I won’t beat myself up if I slip up one day).

I will continue to do something for me – besides the gym. Sewing class, movies on Tuesday, cooking class. Something. It is so relaxing to leave the house at 5 or 6 and not be back until 9 and have that time to myself. I only wish it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, but hey – as long as I can do it, I’m going to take advantage.

I think – no – I know I can do it. They are such small changes, but they make such a big difference. Everyone will benefit. I can do it!

(oh – yeah – and I’m going to update more often 🙂  )


So, we have almost survived three (one full) weeks of 2nd grade. So far, so good. I wasn’t able to go to back to school night. Our usual sitter could not make it. Chuck decided to work from home (it was Joey’s bday, so that was nice), but ended up on a call from 6:00 – 8:15 (I would have had to leave by 7:20). I hope my friends paid attention!

Julia and Joey also started school (on the 10th). Coincidentally, this was Julia’s birthday, so she got to start school with cupcakes!!!!  How fun is THAT?

Joey also started on the same day. They are going M, Th and F from 9 – 3:30. Knock on wood, they are doing great. Their teachers are amazing. The school is wonderful. It is the same one Mel went to (different name now).

Today I brought cupcakes for Joey’s birthday! Hard to believe we have a 7, 3 and 2 year old! They are growing up before our eyes.

This weekend is Julia’s birthday (yes, at Jellybean Junction). They know us well.

Now that I have some time, I hope I can keep up. I have a lot to do in the house, but the pay off will be when I’m all DONE and I can relax for a few hours during the day. Sew, scarp and read the PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I ever get my iphone, I will be able to post more (I love to post with photos. I think they tell the story a lot better than I can).

One more week until school starts. Where in the HECK did the summer go? I have been treating Mel with the best end of summer. She has had one surprise after another. Mostly, fun play dates, but hey – a surprise is a surprise! Tomorrow, we are going to the gym, then pool. Saturday, her fabulous aunt is flying in from over seas. She has absolutely NO CLUE….I’m practically bursting! I’m very excited to see HSF, but, to see the look on Mel’s face, well, that will be priceless.

Next week, we’ll take a little trip to the beach house (surprise, of course). Thursday – is school for Mel. The week after, on Thursday, Julia and Joey both start. Joey, for the first time, ever. I’m still on the fence, but we’ll see how it goes. Might as well try! He goes to the gym every day for two hours. He is used to dropping her sister off  and seeing all the faces at school….I hope he can do it!

I have heaps and heaps planned for the house. We have closets to clean out and organize (let me count in my head – attic – 5; 2nd floor 4; first floor – none and basement – back room – so that is 9).

I can finally have my yard sale!

I know I shouldn’t, but I let Mel color with sharpies. I love them. So much that I have them in the thick line – multi colors and fine tip – multi color. Anyway – I was clearing off the table. I found a list Mel made. I had to laugh. The second on the list…….. CLEAN?!?!?!?! Really – clean? I literally laughed out loud.
I’m going to copy this and maybe her making her own chart is the missing link to simple everyday tasks…………of course, I need to check with Chuck – I remember her asking how to spell breakfast – was this written with his help?


Wow – that was a flashback. It’s been almost a year since I updated here. In my defense, I started (well, started and stopped) another blog.

So, I’ll try to keep up. It is HARD in this electronic world. Last year, there was no facebook for me. Now, there is that and my blog to keep up with. Thank goodness I don’t tweet. Geesh.